Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to ship my PopCake?
UPS ground shipping costs between $11-16 for locations within the Continental U.S. and takes 4-5 business days. Keep in mind that UPS ground does not deliver on Saturdays.  Other shipping options are also available for $35 - $110 to suit your needs.  To get an exact shipping quote add your item to the shopping cart and enter your zip code; shipping options will be displayed before you confirm your order.

How quickly can I get my PopCake?
Every effort is made to get your PopCake out the same day you order it, although, same day shipping is not guaranteed. Please contact us when placing a rush order to make arrangements. Our shipping options include everything from UPS Ground service to Next Day Early AM delivery.  When calculating shipping options please note that UPS calculates business days beginning with the day after the order is placed and does not include weekends and holidays. (Example: If you order 3 Day Select shipping on a Wednesday morning you will receive your product by the end of the day on Monday.) UPS delivers until 7PM to residential addresses and 5PM to commercial locations.

The cake seems small, will an adult fit in it?
Yes, a full size adult will fit in the cake.  We have had a man as large as 6'9" (240lbs) inside one of our PopCakes.  (He wouldn't have wanted to stay in there for long though.) Our cake props are approximately 3 feet wide and just over 3 feet tall.  The width of the product was carefully designed to allow it to fit through doorways and hallways when fully assembled while providing the maximum space possible. The height allows the jumper to be seen from the waist up when they pop out. If you are in need of an extra large cake or one that will fit multiple people please contact us at

Is the cake on wheels?
No. As hard as it is to believe, the powers that be have determined that it could be dangerous to put a person into a cake on wheels where they have no ability to see where they are going and no ability to steer, go figure...

Where are you located?
PopCakes, LLC is centrally located 15 miles North of Minneapolis in Ham Lake, MN. This product is only available online and easily ships to your location in less than a week.

Do you ship PopCakes internationally?
Please contact us at for information regarding shipping to your country.

How big is it when it arrives?
The product arrives rolled up in a 10" x 10" x 20" box weighing approximately 3lbs.

How do I assemble my PopCake?
Simply unroll the three tiers and lock them into place with the interlocking tabs found on each tier, stack the tiers on top of one another, and apply the tissue top. (This process should take around 15 minutes.)

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